Existence of clear Authorities and Titles in complex operating environments and emerging Gray Zones.

SOF's role within DOD, Joint, Intergovernmental, Interagency, and Multinational Operations. 

Tailored, relevant, and effective programs to support the Preservation of the Force and Family.

Defined Human Performance Programs with appropriate funding and safeguards.

Flexible, time sensitive contracting and acquisition capabilities with rigorous benefit analysis to protect taxpayer value.

​"Humans are more important than Hardware". SOF's unique promotion and retention  structure.

 Judicious use of SOF's unique capabilities  to achieve national security objectives . ​​

America's Special Operations Forces have led the fight since that tragic day in September of 2001. Over the years many of their exploits have been highly publicized and Americans have become fascinated with what they do. 

Unfortunately, that interest seldom goes beyond the hype. But behind all the hype are real people and real families who have endured being at war for almost 17 years. Despite almost daily publicity the public knows very little about the sacrifices and hardships these elite warriors and their loved ones endure. 

SOF Support through a series of seminars, publications, webcast, and educational outreach programs will help to educate the public on the issues that affect the people who make up our Special Operations Forces. As we pursue our long-term objective of a better educated public we will provide assistance, in line with the Preservation of the Force and Family Initiative, to members of the SOF Community who have fallen between the cracks or for whom timeliness is critical. 

Much of what SOF does, by design, is cloaked in secrecy and that is as it should be. There are however many public topics that need to have a wider airing. On any given day about 8,000 SOF Warriors can be found in more than 80 countries. The force has been stretched to the max and it is critical that we now focus on how to keep it from breaking. To that end our efforts are concentrated in these key areas: