Since 9-11 we have seen an outpouring of public support for our military. That support has been particularly strong for our elite Special Operations Forces.

In most, but not all, cases that support has translated into meaningful help for our elite Warriors and their Families. SOF Support is in the process of developing a unique rating tool targeted to SOF Charities.

It is not hard to find SOF philanthropic efforts that are duplicative, inefficiently run, and in some cases over funded. Right now, SOF related charities are sitting on over $100,000,000 in cash. While it is prudent for Foundations to maintain a certain level of reserves for lean times some institutions have gone far beyond that need.

That does not mean you stop supporting SOF Charities but rather that you should carefully examine their financials and you should check to see if another organization is doing what they do more efficiently.

The men and women of SOF, along with their loved ones, have now been at war for almost 17 years. Military leadership regularly uses words like the force is frayed, stressed, and approaching a breaking point. Those actively serving need your help now. While the war has faded from our TV screen it is still a haunting presence in the living rooms of the SOF Families.

Our goal is to provide a source of verified information so you can be sure your contributions are being spent effectively and, equally important, in a timely manner. The index will focus exclusively on SOF Charities and include many features not found in traditional philanthropic rating systems. It will rely heavily on interviews, user feedback, and analysis to determine "who does what best". The first SOF GIVING INDEX is scheduled to be available in
Fall 2019.